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Having a battery problem? Irrespective of your location, we will come to your aid as long as you are in UAE. We offer you an extensive range of services. Take a look at the services we offer.

Fuel Delivery

Test and Diagnostic

Emergency tyre replacement service

Battery Replacement On Site

Battery Boostion

Car Battery Service

We provide mobile car battery service across UAE. Our experts will come for your help with the correct battery. In this way, it will save you time and we can get you back on the road quickly. We will ask your budget and get the battery that suits your pocket. We have comprehensive knowledge about the batteries, so we provide you the batteries that are of best quality. Our specialists fit the battery professionally and conduct a test afterward. This is to ensure the battery is working properly.

Diagnosing and Testing the Battery

Experiencing an issue with the battery? Our experts will reach your location and help you. All our vehicles are equipped with the right tools. This allows them to run a test and identify the problem. We can get you back on your path by repairing the battery.

Jump Starting the Battery

You need to get to work and your car won’t start, is your car battery dead? Probably, what will you do? In such circumstances, you can call 800-START. We, at Auto Battery Dubai, will help you jump start your battery. Our experts will perform a test of your battery and jump start it. We provide jump start battery service 24/7 across UAE.

Deliver Fuel

In case you are on the road and you run out of fuel? What should you do? Call us and we will deliver fuel to you.

Call us today and get information regarding our service. Our car battery delivery service in Dubai is efficient, fast and reliable.


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